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Glentunnel Chapel

This quaint old chapel was originally built in Kirwee, but was relocated using horses and a traction engine to the existing site in Glentunnel, about 80 years ago, to accommodate the brethren fellowship of Glentunnel and the surrounding areas. Prior to that the fellowship met at Waireka in a home and continued for many years as a strong vibrant home fellowship. The chapel brought new opportunities and was located on an old blacksmith’s property where it is located today. Over the years families have come and gone, however the fellowship continues to remain strong in the area as it seeks to serve Christ in the district. The main purpose of the chapel is to be a place where Christians can come to bring their praise and worship to God, but also to be a place where others may encounter the wonderful Love of God; a love that surpasses our understanding, and to be a place of nurture, discipleship and encouragement.

Though Glentunnel Chapel is an old building, the fellowship also recognises that we live in a modern world and that we need to be in the world, just as Jesus, our Lord, called us to be. For this reason we are in the process of developing our on-line site, so that others too may hear of the message of salvation, and find the hope that is preached from God’s Word each Sunday.

David Smart’s phone: (03) 318 8948

Please disregard mobile number on the homepage.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Glentunnel Chapel

  1. Dear in Christ Pastor
    Greeting in the name of our saviour We are praying for you and your ministries Works that you are doing in the field of the Jesus Christ. We are working in rural areas in Pakistan. We are working on these ministries, Children Education , Youth,Sunday School , and Evangelism in outreach.

    Our prayers are with you that God prosper and expand your work in all over the world and we pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will be rest upon you like never before. Hallelujah Evangelical Church and 24/7 hours prayer centres for the whole world in Lahore Punjab Pakistan and Lord Use us in all over the Pakistan for the Preaching, Evangelical meetings, Church Plant and Leadership conference and also in Middle East areas.

    We are requesting you to come in country to win the lost souls of Pakistan at any cost. We invite you for the Pastors Leadership Conference and Healing Crusade together for the Glory of the Lord in , We are distribute the Holy Bible especially outreach areas and needy people. We will be very thankful if you give us the Blessed time and dates for the GOSPEL of JESUS in Punjab Pakistan and God wants to use you in Pakistan also and in Pakistan harvest is ready to reap lets do work together for HIS KINGDOM because Rapture of the Church is very closed.Punjab Pakistan
    ‘ Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land’ Proverbs 25:25

    We are waiting your positive and blessed reply.

    “Please keep pray for me and my family may God keep us from evil and may God bless us in health, wealth and wisdom, for the glory of Jesus Christ.” Amen

    May God bless you richly according to this Promise

    Pastor Charagh Roshan
    Hallelujah Evangelistic Association
    P.O.Box 158

    • Dear Friend in Christ,

      Thank you for your posting. The harvest is certainly ripe for the harvest and there is much work to be done. Unfortunately we are unable at this time to assist you in the harvest as we do not have enough for the harvest here at this time. We are mindful of your needs and have been praying and will continue to pray for you as you seek to promote the gospel in very trying circumstances.

      Sincerely in Christ,

      Your Brothers in Christ at Glentunnel.

  2. Hi,

    As I am sure you are aware, there is a crisis in Syria that has been on everyone’s radar across the globe.

    I’m writing to you in regards to a proposal that is underway that looks at addressing New Zealand increasing its quota in the most economical and practical way.

    The current system takes in 750 refugees to our major cities per annum and the resources required for resettling is managed through the Red Cross. This process costs a lot of taxpayer money and wouldn’t be sustainable if we took on a larger amount.

    However, we believe that these resource concerns can be improved if it were to be decentralised with particular focus on provincial and rural New Zealand and if it were to be given a significant volunteer component.

    Responsibly for operating resettlement programmes could be partially devolved to local government in each area. Small groups of refugees would be assigned to each participating district and under local body umbrella, local service organisations such as Lions, Rotary and the Churches would be invited to participate in implementing local programmes which would include finding appropriate accommodating and employment.

    Due to the outstanding amount of support from the public willing to put their hands up and accommodate these people need, I am gauging additional interest from communities in these areas and evaluating the support.

    I am wondering how you and your community would react to such a scheme if we were able to get it off the ground. Would they be keen to support such an initiative or would their communities react adversely to the idea of sponsoring refugees to settle in their districts?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,

    Laura Surrich

  3. When are you posting out this year’s tithe tax receipts. Thanks Glen and Leila

  4. Gavin Still was a very good friend and cousin of Reg Anderson and we (gavins family) are trying to contact Reg to let him know of Gavin Stills unexpected and sudden death last weekend.
    Reg lives in Glen Tunnel but I havent been able to raise him on his home phone no (my father was told that he was perhaps going away in his camper van)…is it possible for you to reach him ? Our home phone is 09 4240428. Thank you, Victoria Still

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