Useful Links

Bible illuminated

Photograph by R.D. Ireland

King James Bible – God’s Word is powerful and effective, useful for correction and instruction in righteousness.

Strong’s Concordance – A useful link to delving deeper into God’s word and discovering more of the riches found in it.

Online Hymnal – Looking for an old favourite hymn? You can find words and music with this link.

Rhema Media – The Rhema Media group promote the Gospel through radio, television and printed material. You can stream your favourite radio station online, listen to the bible or watch Christian TV online by clicking on the link to Rhema Media’s homepage.

Christian Resource Centre – CRC Studios is a long established centre promoting God’s Word throughout New Zealand and overseas by providing audio and visual teaching material in the form of CDs and DVDs and now online streaming. With over 1200 titles there is a wealth of information available.

Open Brethren New Zealand – Who are we and where do we fit in the picture? Here you will find out about the New Zealand Brethren as well as comprehensive list of links and useful resources.